Store Management Modules

Help management supervise and control all aspects of your pawnshop business with CompuPawn’s Store Management Modules that simplify everything from security to reporting.

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Security and Passwords Module

Add an extra layer of protection to your software system with CompuPawn’s Security and Passwords Module.
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Multiple Cash Drawers Module

Every pawn business wants to get a better handle on its cash. This Module makes it easy to assign drawers to individuals or groups.
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Multiple Payment Types Module

CompuPawn’s Multiple Payment Types Module makes it easy to balance and audit various payment types.
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Driver’s License Capture Module

Expedite the entry of customer transactions and save the ID image for reference and proof of ID checking with CompuPawn’s Driver’s License Module.
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Extended Reports Module

Want to gain a greater understanding of all the unique parts of your business? The Extended Reports Module is just the tool you need to make it happen.
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Police/NCIC Encoding Module

Whether your reports are printed or electronic, stay compliant and keep the bean counters happy with CompuPawn’s Police/NCIC Encoding Module.
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Text Messaging Module

Grow your business and revenue by lowering your default rate and increasing your redemption rate with CompuPawn’s text messaging module.
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