Inventory Management Modules

In the pawn industry, inventory is your business. Our Inventory Management Modules give you the power you need to easily keep track of customers, loans and inventory, while still acknowledging your needs for accountability.

These modules make inventory management a breeze by simplifying labor-intensive tasks, like retail jewelry sales, bar coding, and store transfers. They are also designed to improve the security of your inventory and the functionality of your inventory-related tasks.

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Inventory Items Location

The Inventory Item Locations Module increases efficiency in auditing and locating pawns at redemption or forfeiture.
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Jewelry Counts

Let the computer keep track of everything for you. This module automatically tracks all retail jewelry sales and provides procedures for identifying the quantity of jewelry items put out and taken in each day by retail locations.
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Products & Purchase Orders

The Product and Purchase Order Module provides all of the features and procedures required to receive and manage all “product-type” inventory.
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Analytics Module

Flexibility meets customization with our new and improved Analytics Module. Our full-featured, ad-hoc reporting tool lets non-technical end-users create web-based reports quickly and easily without reliance on technical report developers.
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Store Transfer Module

The Store Transfers Module is a must-have have for multi-store operators, and makes store transfers a breeze. Paired with the Accounting Interface you can keep track of what stores owe other stores for merchandise received.
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Bar Coding Module

Easily audit and track merchandise, verify redemptions, and pull up information faster with our Bar Coding Module.
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Auctions Module

The Auctions Module provides all of the features and procedures necessary to operate and market your own auctions. Optionally, this module allows you to run a live auction.
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Jewelry Estimator Module

Streamline your jewelry estimating process with consistent valuations using the Jewelry Estimator Module. The module leverages the most current gold and diamond pricing like a seasoned pawnbroker.
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