Accounting Modules

What’s more important than protecting the financial assets of your company? Nothing. And that’s why we’ve developed a complete set of accounting modules to help you manage and track all the financials of your pawnshop business.

These modules generate every type of financial report needed to successfully manage and grow your business. They are also designed to simplify accounting processes, so even non-technical users can easily complete accounting-related tasks.

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Credit Card Capture

Swipe, capture and process credit card information with ease. All you need is CompuPawn, a magnetic strip reader and IC/Verify software to make credit care processing simple and stress-free.
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Employee Time Clock

This module simplifies time-keeping management with clock-in and clock-out features that make it easy to determine actual hours worked.
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The Accruals Module allows you to run your operations using the accrual method of accounting.
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Accounting Interface

This module provides an interface between the accounting entries generated by CompuPawn and the other accounting Modules that perform a specific accounting function.
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Accounts Receivable

The Accounts Receivable Module allows you to set up customers who obtain supplies and services from you on a credit, or “account receivable”, basis.
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The Employee Payroll Module allows you to manage your employee payroll directly from your CompuPawn system.
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