CompuPawn offers the most comprehensive list of modules that support the complete set of pawnshop business functions. Our modules work and have been tested through client relationships that go back to 1984.

While some companies boast about modules they will have in the future, CompuPawn is ready today to help you implement your ideas and achieve your business goals and objectives.

See Our Software in Action

Pawnshop software made easy . . .

CLOUD HOSTING. CompuPawn is the first pawnshop software solution to operate using the cloud as its main hosting tool. CompuPawn is delivered to your store via ePawn, our virtual network hosted at one of the most secure datacenters in North America. New users are able to just login and start running CompuPawn without any interruption in business operations. This allows your staff to focus on doing what they do best—streamlining and growing your business to increase your store revenues.

SAVE TIME AND MONEY. Using the cloud saves money, strengthens security and eliminates the need for internal back-ups. We do it all for one flat monthly ePawn fee. CompuPawn is available 24/7 and our ePawn hosting facility is one of the safest and most secure sites in the world. You’ll also save time with our user-friendly interfaces, and should problems arise, you’ll always get fast, responsive support from our live, customer service and technical support team.

ELIMINATE CAPITAL COSTS. CompuPawn allows you to eliminate capital expenditures for servers, back-up systems and all the other expensive technical items that become obsolete after a few short years.

INVEST IN YOUR PAWN BUSINESS. Isn’t it time you started investing your time in more profitable activities? Switch to CompuPawn and you’ll be better able to respond to change easier and faster with the flexibility of our modular approach to software. By providing you with easy access to our latest CompuPawn features over the Internet Cloud, we are always ready to respond to your business needs and the future needs of the pawn industry.

CompuPawn’s Standard Software Configuration is…

designed to provide you with all the tools you need to quickly maximize profits and productivity, and includes:
  • Basic transactions:
    – Pawn
    – Buy
    – Sell
    – Layaway
    – Cash Drawers Module
  • Inventory processing:
    – Forfeitures
    – Physical Inventory
    – Inventory Receivings
    – Inventory Reports
    – Bar Code Module
  • General reports:
    – Basic reports needed to run a pawn shop

CompuPawn cuts no corners when it comes to automating the management of your pawnshop. We’ve created the most comprehensive suite of modules available to run your pawn business more successfully. Please review all of our additional modules that you can add to our standard configuration to further enhance and automate your pawn business.

Revenue Enhancement Modules…

help you grow faster, spark profits, and encourage repeat business.
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Inventory Management Modules…

help reduce inventory costs by managing inventory across multiple locations.
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Store Management Modules…

help management supervise and control all aspects of their pawnshop business.
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Accounting Modules…

help maintain and protect the financial assets of the company and generate reports to boost business.
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Bar Coding Modules…

help clients manage and protect their inventory and facilitate a faster and more accurate checkout.
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